Sep 02, 2014

Safaricom Selfcare, an Alternative to Managing Your M-Pesa Transactions

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We recently spoke of  pesaDroid, an Android app which observes your M-Pesa SMS messages, enabling you to visualize your transactions in different ways as well as generating several statements from these transactions. Unfortunately pesaDroid is currently only supported by android phones, meaning if you have BlackBerry, iPhone or Nokia phone, you won’t be able to use this app. Don’t despair, there is an alternative which is open to all, I’m talking about Safaricom Selfcare service, a online service that allows you to manage your Safaricom line anywhere, anytime.

In addition to accessing your Safaricom billing statement, Safaricom’s product and Services, and accessing online support, Safaricom selfcare also enables you to manage your M-Pesa account.

To start using this selfcare service you will be required to register as a new user. This is a one time process which is absolutely free. You will be required to key in your Safaricom mobile number, user name and password. After your account has been activated, transactions done using your safaricom line will be available to you online, anywhere, anytime.

From the M-Pesa tab, on your safaricom selfcare online account, you will be able to manage your M-Pesa account. This feature basically enables you to track your M-Pesa transactions dating 3 months back. You also have an option of tracking transactions dating back from one day, i.e. transaction you did one a given date that dates back to no more than 3 months.

The service also lets you choose the type of transaction you want to track. The first option is ‘Any’ which is a collection of all transactions you did, from M-Pesa airtime purchase to M-Pesa withdrawals. Again for this, transactions will date back to 3 months.

The second option is ‘Airtime Purchase’ which is a statement of all airtime you purchased through your M-Pesa account. You see the amount of airtime you purchased and when the purchase was made.

The third option is ‘Send’. This is a statement of money you sent from your M-Pesa account. You will see each transaction ID, date, name of the person you sent the money to, their mobile number, amount you sent and balance you were left with after the transaction. Transactions will be listed from the most recent to the latest.

The fourth option is ‘Received’. This is basically a statement of money sent to your M-Pesa account. Like the ‘Send’ option, you will get each transaction ID, date, the sender, their mobile number, amount they sent and your balance you received money from them. Transactions will also be listed from the most recent to the latest.

The fifth option is ‘Deposit’. This is a statement of the deposits you made to your M-Pesa account from a M-Pesa agent. You will see each deposit ID number, date when the deposit was made, where the deposit was done, amount you deposited plus your balance after you made the deposit. Transactions will date back from the most recent to the latest.

The sixth option is ‘Withdrawal’ which is a statement of withdrawals made from your M-Pesa account. You will see each withdrawal transaction ID, date when the withdrawal was done, where the withdrawal was made plus the M-Pesa agent number, amount withdrawn and your balance after the withdrawal was made.

You can also view your M-Pesa balance from this service.

Safaricom selfcare service is open to all Safaricom subscribers and the service is free of charge.

We will tomorrow have a comparison of pesaDriod and Safaricom Selfcare.