10 Ways to Earn That Extra Coin

Living in these tough economic times in Kenya, one would not mind extra money every month. It comes in handy in paying bills, making up for the coffee date dents and even monthly trips to Naivasha. Here are a few ways in which you could help credit some of  these accounts.

1. Part Time Teaching Job

A lot of people have an ability to teach. Passing  knowledge to the many Kenyans in the all springing up colleges around towns could earn you a decent part time job. The hourly ratings are quite honorable too. Else, there are many kids in the estates who want to be tutored and these jobs pay as much as Kshs 500 an hour per kid.

2. Web Design

Individuals who have these lucrative skills could make good money on the sides. Web developers doing their jobs part time are raking up to Hundreds of thousands developing basic web pages and maintaining them

3. IT Consultants

IT specialists can earn good money doing consultancy for organizations that need the services but do not necessarily need to hire a resident specialist. Some of these jobs could be simple installations, system diagnosis and recommendations on what equipment to aqcuire.

4. Organize for Others

If you have proper links or knowledge of Kenya, you could run a side thing to organize fun events like road trips and weekend camping for those who are busy and cannot do it themselves. Here you get to enjoy the trips and make money too by brokering the car hire and the accommodation and food joints.

5. Hire Car/Carry Passengers

Carry four passengers every morning to and from work if you travel alone. That money could help your fuel account. You could also take the risk to hire out your car to trusted people in the weekend if you do not use it. It fetches some good money.

6. Rent out space

Rent out a bedroom or two in your house that you do not use for periods comfortable to you. Rent out the SQ too, you do not have a servant, do you?

7. Write

If you have the skill, take up the millions of freelance writing jobs available on the web. They pay well if can sacrifice some sleep.

8. Translate

You know sufficient French, German, Chinese, Korean and so on, many businessmen and brokers need your service out here. Mediate conversations for them, or better still, translate the works available on the internet and make money in the evening working for an hour translating basic conversations.

9. Research/Assignments

Everyone is going to school and we are all busy, aren't we? Propose to the busiest of them all that you could 'help' them to their research and assignments for them. The little sacrifice pays well and just makes you a lot more knowledgeable

10. Sell out stuff

Those clothes, shoes, books and other many things you keep, do you really need them? Organize everything, see what you need and dispose all the others. It makes your place look neat, makes you look organized and your account more beautiful. It actually makes you update some things.

Alright, go ahead and think of that talent, skill and item you have that you are not using and Make Money.


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