Nairobi Is Rich in Investment Potential – Google Chairman

Nairobi could be Africa’s leading country when it comes to technology. According to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, the green city in the sun carries great investment potential and is therefore ripe for the plucking.

Impressed by some of the local Startups he saw during a stint in the city, Schmidt pointed out that Kenya’s relatively stable political environment made it easy to attract foreign investors as well as Venture Capitalists. He said that Kenya rivalled some of its African counterparts like Rwanda and Nigeria when it comes to investment feasibility, noting that the former had a dark past and that the latter was suffering from an identity crisis.

Speaking through a Google Plus post, Schmidt argued that the spread of information could hold much promise for the African youth and connectivity was the way to do it.

“Google already has a very strong focus in Kenya,” Schmidt said in an excerpt from Bloomberg. He added that mobile connectivity is the biggest thing Africa has going for it and mentioned that Nairobi had already emerged as a serious tech hub that may very well become the African leader in this particular field.


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