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Feature Basic Account Premium Account Platinum Account
News Latest 6 Stories unlimited unlimited
Number of investments on Watchlist 3 unlimited unlimited
Alert 2 unlimited unlimited
Able to view market orders (bids/asks) no yes yes
Able to view market trades no yes yes
Technical Analysis Chart no yes yes
Practice Investing yes yes yes
Withdrawal Charges To M-Pesa: 60 + 10% Excise Duty

To Bank: 150 + 10% Excise Duty

To M-Pesa: 60 + 10% Excise Duty

To Bank: 150 + 10% Excise Duty

Withdrawals(To MPesa/Bank) Within 24Hrs Instant Instant
Commission on Purchase/Sale of shares 2.107% 2.107% 2.107%
View Company Charts, News, Historical data, Financials and Profile. no yes yes
Monthly Charge Free KES 500 KES 1,000
Trading Available Available Available

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All Company Information

Provides full access to all Company Information

Relevant Data

Provides full access to Real Time Market Data from relevant sources

Technical Analysis

Enables you to analyse a company's performance

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