Sep 17, 2014
Knell knolls Knell Knolls For Hedge Funds?

According to Sheelah Kolhatkar a features editor and national correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek investment in Hedge Funds is likely to reduce. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (Calpers)–the largest pension fund in the U.S.–intends to divest all of the $4 billion it has invested in hedge funds, according to Bloomberg News. The reasons it gives areRead more

How a Facebook Group Persuaded Coca-Cola to Rerelease Surge A Facebook Group Persuaded Coca Cola To Re-release Surge

The power of Social Media. In 1997, the Coca-Cola Co. (KO) ran an unusual commercial in which teenagers in baggy pants raced over sofas to snatch a bright green soda that nobody had heard of before. “Surge!” a voiceover exclaimed. “It’s a fully loaded citrus soda with carbos! Beat the rush!” Backed with a $50 millionRead more

Five things to know this morning 5 Things You Should Know This Morning – Sep 16

Locally Kenyan shilling hits 32-month low, stocks up The Kenyan shilling touched a 32-month low on Monday, under pressure from dollar buying by importers and lower hard currency inflows. At the close of trade, commercial banks quoted the shilling at 88.90/89.00 to the dollar, compared with Friday’s close of 88.80/88.90. The shilling had fallen toRead more

Chinese city launches lane for cell phone fanatics Cell Phone Fanatics Get A Special Lane

The cell phone craze is catching on in Kenya, but the Chinese have taken it to a new level. To avert accidents and disturbances attributed to mobile phone usage authorities in many parts of the world have banned using phones while driving or walking. However, a Chinese city has done the opposite by designating sidewalksRead more

Why Kenya’s real estate scene is a bubble waiting to burst REITS To Fund Real Estate In Kenya

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), may soon be the option of choice for developers wishing to raise finances for their real estate projects in Kenya. “Njoroge Nganga, the Chief Executive Officer of Home Afrika said  their projects are long term in nature and require significant capital injection.   “REITs and bonds are turning out toRead more

Five things to know this morning 5 Things You Should Know This Morning – Sep 15

Airtel taps into high-end clients with premier club Airtel has launched a club that provides cheap calling rates, data, website and free Sim replacement. It will enable premier customers to enjoy personalised credit services and facilities, an exclusive website, free Sim replacement, priority services and discount with preferred partners Read more. Upgrade of Outer Ring RoadRead more

Five things to know this morning 5 Things You Should Know This Morning – Sep 13

Kenyan shilling steady, shares in bourse hit high The Kenyan shilling was steady on Friday, but traders said there was still some pressure from increased importer dollar demand and lower inflows from tourism and tea exports. The main NSE-20 Share Index was up 8.29 points to close at 5,169.50 points. Government bonds valued at 899.6Read more

Ebola transmission Kenya Allows Entry For Liberian Students Stranded By Ebola Policy

Ebola now threatens relations between African countrues as illustrated below. The government of Kenya has expressed profound apologies and regrets for denying several Liberian students entry into the country to continue their academic studies. Kenya’s expression of commiseration of the action stemmed from Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan’s expression of concern about the denial of entryRead more

Five things to know this morning 5 Things You Should Know This Morning – Sep 12

Locally Kenyan shilling closes steady, Safaricom dampens stocks The Kenyan shilling closed unchanged on Thursday, but traders said it may weaken in coming days as the flow of dollars diminishes. Stocks ended four days of gains after Safaricom fell. On the secondary market, government bonds valued at 802.2 million shillings were traded, compared with 1.8 billion shillingsRead more

China China May Soon Go The Way Of Japan, Says Merrill Lynch

Kenya and China have increasingly improved relations since the turn of the century. The Chinese economy has since the 1980s grown in leaps and bounds, such that today China is the second largest economy in the world. However, a report by two analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch suggests that the Chinese economy mayRead more